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Welcome to simplay.dreamwidth!
Request(s), complaints, suggestions or a WCIF you can contact me: here or @ BPS "simpl(a)y".

my policy
all my downloads are for free - so I do not want them to appear on any pay sites, or the like!
you can use my pictures for magazines and so on.
please give my work not as your own!
you can use my neighborhoods, sims and houses for photo (s) stories
please don't hotlink to my files or images!
at last the most important point - have fun!!!

credit & inspiration

For those who want to link back to my site:

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Are you still into The Sims 2 game?

[personal profile] captainjacksims 2015-02-17 06:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Your creations are fantastic! I was able to download your "Oasis of Calm" from your Lielan.wordpress website but none of the other download links are working, and the download of your Oasis of Calm no longer works too. Do you have any plans on getting back into The Sims 2 game and sharing your structures? I wish you would! You've been such an influence for me.